SahiGST Pricing Plan

SahiGST’s pricing is structured to ensure that your GST returns are free of any worries. Get the flexibility of selecting the best pricing based on your needs. No hidden restrictions, no additional charges - you pay what you see!

For Businesses
Basic Plan
Rs. 5,000
+18% GST extra
  • 1 GSTIN
  • Unlimited Users & Unlimited Invoices
  • Only Email support
  • All Returns for FY 2019-20
    GSTR-7 & GSTR-8 not included
  • No additional GSP Charges
Premium Plan
Rs. 15,000
+18% GST extra
  • 5 GSTINs
  • Unlimited Users & Unlimited Invoices
  • Long duration session without repetitive OTP verification.
  • Phone & Email support
  • All Returns for FY 2019-20
    GSTR-7 & GSTR-8 not included
  • No additional GSP Charges
Like our plans, but need more GSTINs? worry not! With our addon package you can add an additional 5 GSTINs to your existing account with SahiGST.

For CA
TRP Plan
Rs. 12,000
+18% GST extra
  • Unlimited GSTINs
  • 2 Users & Unlimited Invoices
  • Long duration session without repetitive OTP verification.
  • Phone & Email support
  • All Returns for FY 2019-20
    GSTR-7 & GSTR-8 not included
  • No additional GSP Charges
To purchase additional users @ Rs. 2,000 (+18% GST) per user contact

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FAQs About SahiGST’s Offering

What returns can I file with SahiGST?
You can file all returns other than GSTR-8 (for e-commerce operators) via SahiGST for which APIs are given by the GST Network.
Can I file returns for multiple businesses with one account?
Yes, you can file returns for multiple businesses/GSTINs with one account on SahiGST as per the plan selected by you. There is no restriction on the number of filings you do. You can purchase additional GSTIN’s with our value add-on pack (consists of 20 GSTIN’s).
What is the validity of my account with SahiGST?
SahiGST license is valid for one financial year (up to 30th April of next year). If you purchase the software today, you would be able to create and file all returns pertaining to FY 2019-20 via SahiGST, whose due dates are falling within the validity of license as mentioned above.
How many users can be created for one account?
With the SahiGST license, you get unlimited users that could login with their own login credentials and work on the SahiGST account at the same time.
What are the features of SahiGST?
SahiGST provides a very easy to use software to complete all your GST returns & reconciliation. The software comes with a quality support that helps you use our platform efficiently. You can see our detailed list of features here.
Can I try SahiGST before making the purchase?
Yes, you can visit and create an account without purchase of license. You can explore our software and its rich features. Once you are satisfied with SahiGST and its benefits, you can purchase the license plans as per your requirements and start preparing the returns.
How do I add data to SahiGST for different returns?
SahiGST allows input in Excel format (xlsx) which can be easily exported from any accounting software or ERP. We have made available our own templates in which the data can be imported. Our formats are either identical or very close to GSTN's official format, so that most accounting softwares are compatible with SahiGST by default.
Can we work offline?
While most of the processing has to happen online, you can check whether your excel file is correctly prepared or not offline.
Can you directly integrate with my ERP/Accounting Solution?
For now, we suggest working with excel templates because rules are changing every passing day. If we integrate with your ERP/Accounting solution, with each change, you will also have to make changes at your end to the ERP/Accounting Solutions.

Once things are more stable, we shall release our APIs to integrate with your systems. However, this shall be available at an additional cost and is not included in the prevailing pricing plans.
Do you provide facility to make tax payments through SahiGST?
We provide the facility of estimation of the challan amount for the tax period based on the data uploaded by the licensee to SahiGST. The taxpayer is required to prepare the final challan and make the tax payment on the GSTN portal.
For how long do you store the return data?
We understand your concerns around security & privacy. Our core belief is to be an efficient gateway for your Tax filing. We will maintain your data in the SahiGST servers for a period of 6 months. In case you want to see data for previous months uploaded on GST Servers, we can request the same from GST Network and show the same to you at any point in time. Please refer to our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service for more information.
Can I raise invoices and do my accounting via SahiGST?
SahiGST is a specialized return filing & reconciliation software for GST. You would not be able to raise invoices or do your accounting via SahiGST. There are specialised software / ERPs for this purpose that you can use.
Can I download reports & data from SahiGST?
You will be able to download various reports generated by SahiGST in excel (xlsx) format and PDF format. In your paid plan you would continue to get several more features and capabilities that we develop all year round. Our reports module is part of such constant update and will keep improving as we keep getting valuable feedback from more and more users.
What is minimum internet speed required to run your software?
We recommend having an Internet connection of at least 1 Mbps for smooth processing. However, more than speed, the stability of internet connection is more important. In case speed is slow, uploads will take time but will happen. In the case of connection not being stable, your uploads to SahiGST servers may fail.
Are you a GST Suvidha Provider (GSP)?
SahiGST is an Application Service Provider and has partnered with Vayana GSP, a leading GST Suvidha Provider that serves over 500 corporates and over 1.5 lakh SMEs through third party ASPs for an API based GST compliance.
GST Return filing is new and complex. How will you help me get started?
We organize free webinars for all our customers. In case you want in-person training, you could get in touch with our partners. Apart from this, if you face any issue in using SahiGST, you could always request call for support. Our support team would call you back to solve your query.
Are there any more features you are planning to launch?
We are constantly innovating and new features are added to our development pipeline based on user feedback. Some features that we will release in the near future include:
  • Financial Reconciliation
  • Directly e-mail vendors for reconciliation issues
  • Excel Based Reconciliation
  • Bulk File Upload for Multiple GSTINs