SahiGST Knowledge Centre: Second-best alternative for GST news and resources

GST laws keep changing, the implications keep amending as quickly as a flash. If you miss out on even a single notification, it can impact your or your client’s business significantly.

Also, in the world of simplicity and to-the point conversations, the GST law and rules contains numerous jargons which are practically impossible for a layman to understand and implement.

Together, these problems and concerns vouch for a resource centre which contains GST news, updates, expert articles and opinions so you can be on top of GST things.

Which is the best option for finding all these resources? - Of course the website of CBIC-GST where all circulars, notifications and weekly updates are posted timely.

However, again, the technical language becomes a barrier between the taxpayers and tax information. Also, CBIC-GST posts articles from Industry Leaders or the Taxman which might be a heavy dose to consume.

So, what’s the next best go-to options for the taxpayers? SahiGST. Yes, we’re proud to build a resource centre which keeps you i.e. the reader in centre.

All our updates, news, articles and even a piece of content are directed to inform you of the current GST trends in the easiest possible language.

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Want to know more? Read this article to know how we’ve built a have-it-all platform for GST related resources -

Daily Webinar on SahiGST

Every day, Team SahiGST conducts a webinar at 4.30 PM to demonstrate you features of the software. Also, you can get instant answers to your questions and concerns. You can join the webinar by clicking this link -


Want to learn the nitty-gritty of entire GST law or a particular provision? Our guides cover various topics extensively to make you educated about GST provisions.

Articles and Expert Opinion

Do you know which section are we most proud of? - Our articles section. You’ll find the articles from industry experts, journalists and eminent consultants here on a variety of topics. The articles are well-researched, well-poised and easy to grasp.

Whether you want to understand the impact of GST on a particular sector or identify the future of the biggest indirect tax reform, watch out for our articles by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

From time to time, the CBEC GST, GST Council, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) issue FAQs on various matters and issues pertaining to GST. We have compiled those FAQs for you at one place so you can access them hassle-free.

FAQs issued from January 2017 till date are included in the FAQ section on SahiGST knowledge portal. Check out the FAQs now!


To make an announcement or update taxpayers on an issue, the GST council issues a press release which contains all the information. Find all the Press Releases (PR) issued so far under the “News” section.


All the notifications issued by CBEC are updated by SahiGST team in this section daily. What’s the best part? All the notifications are segregated in -

  • Union Territory Tax - Notifications
  • Central Tax - Notifications
  • Central Tax (Rate) - Notifications
  • Integrated Tax (Rate) - Notifications
  • Integrated Tax - Notifications
  • Union Territory Tax (Rate) - Notifications
  • Compensation Cess - Notifications
  • Compensation Cess (Rate) - Notifications

Whichever category of notification you want, just go to the specific section and retrieve the required notifications in a few clicks. Looks interesting? Find all the notifications issued so far here.

SahiGST Newsletter

“GST Ki Baat SahiGST Ke Saath” is our weekly newsletter that informs you about the updates and legal news for that week. Also, the legal cases and the consequent decisions are presented in summarised format for your reference.

Under this section, you’ll find all the newsletters. Click on any newsletter and download it in PDF format to educate yourself.

SahiGST Summary Updates through Email

On subscribing to our weekly email updates, you get a digest of knowledge portal every week (New updates and articles from the previous week). Through this digest, you can remain updated of the changes in the knowledge portal.

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