How SahiGST Has Enabled Ashish, CFO Of A Garment Manufacturing Enterprise, To Decentralise GST Powers In His Organisation?

Taking a leaf out of the approaches of other companies in the garments manufacturing field, Ashish Khetan decided to hire a consulting agency for formulating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for his company.

Although the organisation already had certain processes in place, the SOP ensured that the processes, as well as the authority matrix, were well-documented now.

In consultation with various domain experts, Ashish also ensured that there was a sound maker-checker process so that the responsibilities and authority could be segregated accordingly.

However, soon problems slipped in, especially while managing GST compliances. Ashish’s tax team was handling GST related matters directly through the Government portal. It was difficult to comply with the authority matrix or maker-checker process while filing and approving data.

After rigorous brainstorming and several research sessions, Ashish came across SahiGST - a cloud-based software for GST filing and compliances in India.

Ashish got in touch with the Sales team of SahiGST to understand various benefits and check the viability of the software in ensuring multi-user access.

Are you also struggling to align the GST compliances to your authority matrix? Keep reading as we are going to unfold how SahiGST is unique and more powerful from other competitors in the market.

Multi-User System

Ashish’s biggest concern was solved instantly when our team told him about the multi-user system.

SahiGST has an in-built maker/checker and approver system which empowers the decision-makers to define access rights for each user. We make sure that a user can only view/ edit/ amend the particular information for which he has been granted access.

Besides, from within the platform, you can communicate with your customers, vendors, partners and other stakeholders hassle-free.

SahiGST also logs the activities of each user so you can monitor user actions from within the platform.

An integrated approach

Ashish’s team was also facing a huge problem in transferring data from the in-house accounting and billing systems to GST portal for filing the returns.

SahiGST solves this problem adequately as our platform is designed to become fast friends with all accounting as well as billing systems. SahiGST can be integrated with BUSY or Tally, and the data can be transferred from within the softwares smoothly.

High-class security

A giant like Ashish’s company can’t afford leakage of data or other confidential information during transmission, especially in this cut-throat competitive environment.

SahiGST uses the SSL certificates to create an encrypted channel during data transmission to avoid any leakage or misuse. SahiGST comes from the house of Vayana Network, which is ISO 27001:2013 certified for a benchmark level of data security. We are committed to cater to confidentiality concerns of the businesses and giants.

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Powerful reconciliations

SahiGST offers by far the most robust and powerful reconciliation mechanism for GST compliances. Government is making some stringent rules to curbing the false tax claims (Government Set To Mend The GST Revenue Leakage; Caps Input Tax Credit At 20% To Avoid False Claims).

To ensure maximum availability of maximum input tax credit, it is critical that the data is reconciled with vendors’ returns besides accounting records.

SahiGST offers several reconciliations, and the customised mismatch reports can be download to rectify the discrepancies.

Other competitive features

SahiGST offers a proper audit trail of return filing. Besides, the software is updated real-time according to any changes, notifications or circulars.

Also, our system sends out automated reminders for managing the workflow which makes it much more efficient.

Sound domain expertise

Maintenance and updation of a GST-compliant solution requires a blend of software development and technical skills. It requires core domain expertise so that the software can handle all compliance queries accurately.

Our team consists of chartered accountants, tax consultants and software engineers who are well-equipped with the knowledge required for building and maintaining GST solutions.

Responsive customer support

While dealing with day-to-day operations, every one of us encounters a concern or problem which requires expert support.

Our customer support team is quick, friendly and honest in providing you a top-notch support and resolving your queries patiently. For us, customer support is an integral part of our overall offering.


Overall, Ashish and several other CFOs or decision-makers like him are using SahiGST to decentralise the GST management power in their teams’ hands.

As GST 2.0 is knocking our doors, SahiGST will ensure to take GST tension off your shoulders. For a quick live demo or free trial, create an account on SahiGST. Relive the power of cloud computing with SahiGST.

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