GST India: What will be the time limit for the decision on the on line registration application? (2)
GST India: Can the registration certificate be downloaded from the GSTN portal? (2)
GST India: How can actual suppliers claim credit of Tax Collected at Source? (1)
GST India: What will be the effective date of registration? (1)
GST India: What is meant by zero rated supply under GST? (2)
GST India: What is the time within which Tax Collected at Source is to be remitted by the e-commerce operator to Government account? (1)
GST India: What is the time limit for taking ITC and reasons therefor? (1)
GST India: Is it compulsory for a taxpayer to file return by himself? (1)
GST India: What precautions, a taxpayer is required to take for a hassle free compliance under GST? (1)
GST India: How can taxpayers file their returns? (1)
GST India: If a return has been filed, how can it be revised if some changes are required to be made? (1)
GST India: Is an Annual Return and a Final Return one and the same? (1)
GST India: Which type of taxpayers need to file Annual Return? (1)
GST India: How does a taxpayer get the credit of the tax deducted at source on his behalf? Does he need to produce TDS certificate from the deductee to get the credit? (1)
GST India: Do Input Service Distributors (ISDs) need to file separate statement of outward and inward supplies with their return? (1)
GST India: Do tax payers under the composition scheme also need to file GSTR-1 and GSTR-2? (1)
GST India: What is the special feature of GSTR-2? (1)
GST India: What if the invoices do not match? Whether ITC is to be given or denied? If denied, what action is taken against supplier? (1)
GST India: Does the taxable person have to feed anything in the GSTR-2 or everything is auto-populated from GSTR-1? (1)
GST India: Can a recipient feed information in his GSTR-2 which has been missed by the supplier? (1)
GST India: Whether value for each transaction will have to be fed? What if no consideration? (1)
GST India: Whether description of each item in the invoice will have to be uploaded in GSTR-1? (1)
GST India: Whether all invoices will have to be uploaded while giving outward supply details? (1)
GST India: Is the scanned copy of invoices to be uploaded along with GSTR-1? (1)
GST India: What type of outward supply details are to be filed in the return? (1)
GST India: Who needs to file Return in GST regime? (1)
GST India: What is the purpose of returns? (1)
GST India: What are the consequences of credit distributed in contravention of the provisions of the Act? (1)
GST India: Whether the excess credit distributed could be recovered from ISD by the department? (1)
GST India: How to distribute common credit among all the recipients of an ISD? (1)