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SahiGST is one of the finest GST return filing & reconciliation software in India. Our platform has been showcased to over 1000 finance professionals since early 2017 and various feedback received is incorporated into the product on an ongoing basis. We believe that choosing a good software is a nuanced decision and usability of a software is not reflected by the features list. Hence we strongly urge you to register for our demo or view it online (below). For the ones who insist, here are some of the key features that make SahiGST.
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SahiGST automatically checks any file that you upload for errors. We help you ensure correct filings happen with the GST Network.

Powerful Reconciliation

A powerful and user friendly reconciliation system is at the core of SahiGST. The system smartly segments issues into different buckets and you can take actions on the screen. Take bulk actions to quickly complete your reconciliation process.

Professional & Friendly Support

Getting started with SahiGST gets extremely easy with our support teams helping you get upto speed and use our platform efficiently. We also provide video/text tutorials at each step of filing.
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Multi-User System

You can add multiple users to your account and control their access. A built-in maker/checker system allows you to control the integrity of filings. User access can also be restricted to a specific business or GSTIN.

Audit Logs

Get a list of user actions and know what each user has done with timestamp and IP address to build accountability within your organization.

Proactive E-Mail Notifications

Our system sends out automated reminders & notifications to manage workflow and ensure compliance is done on time.
See SahiGST Demo

Made To Scale

Take advantage of our scalable architecture and manage filings for multiple business, GSTINs and upload unlimited invoices with one account. No matter how large your data is, our platform is adept to manage it. Benefits - Less wait time due to fast processing and no login issues on last day.

Integrated Solution

Easily extract data from your accounting software and import it to SahiGST via excel files. SahiGST supports the format released by GSTN, thereby compatible with most accounting and ERP solutions. SahiGST lets you export data & reports in excel files for offline records.

Secure Web Based Software

Access the portal from anywhere at any time. For us, privacy is not an option, it is a priority. SahiGST achieves its goals while providing best in class security across its technology platforms & processes. All communication with 3rd parties is encrypted and no data is disclosed without your explicit consent.