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Worried about GST? SahiGST's world class GST return filing solution for GST is here to help you! We believe in making your return filing experience simple and seamless. Our promise is a easy to use software with exceptional support.

Made To Scale

A scalable cloud platform to manage all GST compliance. Our systems are ready to capture all your invoice information and prepare for filings on time.

Platform Support

Getting started with SahiGST gets extremely easy with our support teams helping you get upto speed and use our platform efficiently.

Integrated Approach

We believe that businesses should meet compliance with their existing systems. Our engine is built to integrate with popular systems and also adapt for unique cases.

Multi User System

We understand that businesses have different stakeholders working together to interface with partners and reach compliance.

Activity Monitor

Activity logging comes in-built in the system. Get a log of user actions and know what each user has done to build accountability.

Comprehensive GST Coverage

SahiGST is fully equipped for all GST formalities that businesses require. We make sure that you follow all the guidelines announced by the government.

Powerful Reconciliation

The platform automatically reconciles all invoices between vendors & suppliers. There is system-driven tracking of input tax credit. All data is accurately and consistently maintained.


As much as adapting to changing compliance norms and scalability is necessary, SahiGST achieves its goals while providing best in class security across its technology platforms & processes.

Proactive Notifications

Be notified at every step. Our system sends out automated reminders to manage the workflow and ensure compliance is done on time.


Get all reports you need at an ease of a click. Platform offers flexible and detailed reports as per clients, tax slabs, geographies and date ranges.

Role Defined User Access

A built-in maker / checker and approver system that allows you to control what each user can access and do in the SahiGST platform.

Maintain Business Master

Platform allows you to manage clients or your own company’s hierarchy. Organize authorised signatories, contact persons, multiple GSTINs with ease.

Why Do you Need A Software For GST Filings?

GST has taken India's compliance digital like never before. Quality filing softwares like SahiGST help you in several ways. Here are a few:

Last Day Login Issues

Government portal or any single application can't handle all of India paying taxes on the last day!

Audit Trail

With GST it is all the more important to have proper audit trail of all filings. ASPs provide multi-user & audit features.


SahiGST runs your data through 1000s of validation and helps you fix any errors efficiently. You benefit from our simple to understand error messages & at the same time we keep improving them every passing day.


Software based reconciliation is faster & allows collaboration. ASPs help in matching your purchase ledger to GSTR-2A and running intelligence for speeding up error rectification.

Most Importantly - Support

SahiGST understands that a complex tax reform like GST requires top-notch support. SahiGST's customer support & success teams are hard at work to make sure that at every step of your SahiGST journey, you get professional, friendly and honest support. For us support is not an extra along with the product, it is an integral part of our offering!

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Why SahiGST?

Government of India has taken the bold step of implementing a large tax reform in the country. GSTN has been tasked to create the technology backbone for GST in India. Powered by a modern approach and APIs from GSTN, for the first time ever, modern SaaS / cloud based softwares would allow you to manage your tax filings. The fundamental skills required to build a cloud software of this magnitude is different from what the industry has seen so far, hence innovative teams like SahiGST come into the picture. While e-filing of taxes is and should be a simple process, with GST, reconciliation would also be a big part of the process. Make sure your GST software provider has the following:

Customer Focus

A software made for CA firms, direct companies and enterprises would have vast differences. What would be an ideal software for an enterprise would be overcomplicated for SMBs and CAs / TRPs would need unique features. Customer focus is the reason why certain softwares on the internet take majority market share, while other similar looking softwares don't work at all. Think about social networks and messaging apps that you use. A single good app that understands customer needs and builds solution around it wins.

Design & Ease of Usage

We enjoy great user interface and world class softwares for various tasks like emails, web search and video. So why not seek a software that is well designed and easy to use? Say no to shabby looking softwares that do not put the user first! In today's day and age when Indian softwares are being acknowledged globally, why not get the best for use within our country too. SahiGST iterates quickly on user feedback and makes changes to its product to help ease your pains.

Cloud Experience

A company that has experience in building online applications with user authentication & complex data storage structures. Making a desktop based software and online softwares are different skill sets. Make sure you choose a vendor who has the right online software experience. SahiGST team has spent over a decade building online solutions.

Domain Expertise

Does the team building your GST solution have enough compliance and tax softwares experience? Founders and core team of SahiGST are accessible and open about their credentials.

Contact us today for a demo of our GST platform! SahiGST has already helped hundreds of taxpayers complete their GST return filing. Learn more about choosing a GST Filing Software.

SahiGST was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with immense experience in domains of Taxation and Technology. SahiGST is now a portfolio offering of Vayana Network – an authorized GSP and India’s largest 3rd party platform for Short Term Trade Finance. Visit to learn more.

With India Stack (AADHAR, UPI, GSTN) new opportunities for digital transformation of businesses have emerged. SahiGST is building solutions to help make the adoption of India Stack easy with our flagship product SahiGST.

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